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A corner of splendour in the shadow of the Duomo

B&B Firenze

We invite you to discover the B&B Firenze al Duomo to experience an exclusive stay in the marvellous setting of Florence.

The B&B Firenze al Duomo will allow you to discover Florence from a privileged vantage point: five splendid rooms of inimitable class, rich in history and art, located directly under the Brunelleschi Cupola .

Dive into a princely atmosphere. Prestigious frescoes from the second half of the 19th century will surround you in a décor that skilfully blends tradition and innovation, an elegant luxury to offer you the vacation of your dreams.

The rooms

Our rooms speak directly to your heart

Open the doors of 5 precious treasure chests.

Our rooms all have splendid views or comfortable interior terraces, guaranteeing an immersion in the pulsating life of Florence as you have never experienced before. You will touch the Florentine artistic heritage, the imposing architecture of the Cupola the evocative charm of ceiling frescoes that will bid you good morning every time you wake up.

The concept

Living Florence in its purest form

The B&B Firenze al Duomo will give you an unforgettable experience in one of the world's most beautiful cities.

Filled with art and beauty, you will live a daydream as you look out over the Duomo with the teeming life of the city flowing beneath you.

Experience Florence in all its nuances in an elegant ambience of comfort that keeps in touch with the most famous and richest artistic tradition on the planet.

Firenze al Duomo Lifestyle

The B & B Firenze al Duomo will make you feel pampered and served in every detail: our services will make your holiday unique and exclusive, full of pleasure and well-being.

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You will wake up in the heart of Florence, in Piazza del Duomo, just a few metres from the Cupola del Brunelleschi, bewitched by artistic and architectural treasures the entire globe envies.

The most enchanting spot

Explore the beauty surrounding the B&B Firenze al Duomo, many itineraries to discover that will fill your eyes and spirit with wonder.

Adventures in the Territory

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