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Firenze al Duomo’s most precious pearl

Room Porta della Mandorla

Come and discover the room Porta della Mandorla of Firenze al Duomo, indulge in exclusive luxury with its world unique outlook.

The room Porta della Mandorla is a precious jewel box that will cast you into a dreamlike atmosphere full of romantic nuances: precious details such as wall hangers, original doors whose wood has been expertly restored, a stone niche resembling an ancient writing desk, frescoes of cherubs in the characteristic bathroom, many pearls culminating in the superb view of the Cupola of the Duomo, made larger by the double window. Characterised by its irregular shape, which enhances the perception experience, this is the only room without a frescoed ceiling. There is the idea that this artistic void is filled by the absolute leading lady, who is the view from one of the two windows. You will immediately realise that the missing fresco is none other than the luminous mosaic depicting the Annunciation on the Porta della Mandorla on the northern flank of the Duomo itself. In this sense, the 14th-century and 19th-century dimensions of Florence as the capital of Italy meet as in no other room.

The luxurious room Porta della Mandorla at the B&B Firenze al Duomo is also called “del Cornuto” (of the horned) due to the privileged view of the bull-shaped sculpture on the side of the dome. This decoration, executed by Nanni di Banco in the early 1400s, symbolises the proud draught animal and, over the centuries, has been clothed in curious legends that you can discover during your stay!

Choose the room Porta della Mandorla of Firenze al Duomo and immerse yourself in an evocative setting full of art, luxury and beauty, a privileged place to set out to discover the city, its treasures and mysteries.

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